Comstock Collection Fund

Comstock Collection Fund

What is the Collection?

We are establishing the Comstock Collection Fund in honor of Austin Comstock, a stalwart advocate of our library and former Law Library Trustee of 26 years, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday this year. This fund is designed to safeguard our vital legal resources in the face of state funding losses and allow us to honor a champion of our legal community with an enduring legacy.

Your contributions will help us keep publications essential to the library’s legal and general public users. Our goal is to raise a substantial funding this year, maintained through an ongoing annual campaign.

Why should I contribute?

Your sponsorship of this collection is crucial due to declining filing fee revenue (our main source of income) and soaring material costs. While past State Budget allocations temporarily stabilized our funding, we received no such assistance this fiscal year, nor will we in the upcoming one. A grant for our statewide county law library organization spared us drastic collection cuts this fiscal year. We are confronted with a projected shortfall of $105,000 for the next fiscal year, a staggering blow given our current annual budget of $236,000. Unfortunately,  this leaves us no option but to make significant cuts to our collection, risking the loss of over half our resources. Sadly, this year will not be the only year we will face such a deficit.

We hope you will agree that your sponsorship is a noble marketing expense. All contributions to the fund will be recognized on this page and signage within the library.

How do I sponsor?

Decide how much you can contribute. We have intentionally not set sponsorship levels because we recognize that all donations contribute to the overall health of our collection. We ask that you consider the size of our funding deficit when deciding what amount you are comfortable with contributing.

You can email if you would like us to create an invoice to submit a check from. You can also contribute in person at our event on May 9th.  Please make all checks payable to the Santa Cruz County Law Library. At this time we are not able to process any credit card contributions. Please reach out with any questions.   


We extend our gratitude to our sponsors for their support, though we cannot promote the services of any individual, firm, or company that provides sponsorship.