Using the Library


Research and Computer Use:

  • Staff is available to provide research assistance and direction. We do not perform research for individuals or provide legal advice. If you are unsure how we may be able to assist you, please email or call us.
  • If you cannot make it in during our in-person hours, call or email us to see how we may be able to assist you remotely.
  • We have limited computer availability. Usage may be restricted to 1 hour. Usage may be extended if we do not have a waitlist. Please check in with staff before using a computer.

Remote Services: 

  • We answer questions via phone and email as time permits. Please leave us a message or email us for assistance.
  • Phone: 831-420-2205 email:

Currently, we are not providing space for meetings, or non-legal research purposes.

Our Collection:

We have a small print collection that consists of mostly California materials. Our collection includes CEB publications, Rutter Group publications and various other treatises. Our catalog can be searched through the Santa Cruz Public Libraries Catalog at If you have questions about whether or not a particular item is in our collection, please call or email.

Thanks to a grant from the California Council of County Law Librarians we recently updated some of our out-of-date CEB books. We were able to update 22 titles, add additional copies of 2 titles and replace 1 stolen title.

Reference Assistance

The staff is happy to help patrons locate information pertaining to any legal matter. However, the staff cannot give legal advice or interpret information found in books and other sources.

Informational Packets

We have created informational packets that cover topics we are frequently asked about. These packets contain an overview of each process and the particular procedures relevant to Santa Cruz County. There is a nominal fee charged for all packets. 

Informational Events

At this time we do not have any information events scheduled. 

Document Delivery

If you are unable to come to the library, the staff will E-mail library materials to you at a nominal charge. Our document delivery is limited to case citations, subject matter retrival from secondary materials, and limited scope mediated searches (search query provided by requestor). 

Computer Access

Currently, three public computer terminals are available. Our computers are intended for legal research, the completion and creation of legal forms or other legal related matters only.  You may be asked to leave the computer if you are not engaged in legal research. There is a 1 hour time limit that will be enforced when others are waiting. 

Computer Assisted Legal Research

The law library provides access to the Internet, Westlaw, Lexis Advance, Legal Information Reference Center and selected software applications. Use of the library’s public terminals is restricted to legal research only. Staff does NOT provide computer instruction.

Mandatory Continuing

Legal Education Materials (MCLE)

Audio materials covering various current topics are available at a nominal fee for MCLE credit.


Photocopiers and printers are available. 20¢ per side (B&W) 40¢ per side (Color). Photocopiers can print from a USB drive and scan to a USB drive. It is 10¢ per side to scan.

Word Processing

Word processing software is available on our computers. Staff will provide assistance with properly formatting legal documents; however we cannot type up documents for you. 

Conference Rooms

We do not currently offer any rooms as public meeting spaces.

Library Tours

The staff will provide tours of the library upon request. Advance notice is recommended. Tours for groups of four or more may be scheduled after regular business hours.